Friday afternoon

2012-05-04 — Mitt liv

Everybody is asking me how I feel and how it is to be back in Sweden after all these years abroad. Now when the spring finally has arrived up here and everything is bursting and in full bloom I can say that i feel very privileged to live on the sunny side of Malmö! I love Rome with all my heart but Sweden for kids is just fantastic, the freedom, clean air and nice and healthy values. Everything is working, people are punctual and no traffic jam in the mornings! Offcorse there are many many things from Rome that I miss and sometimes I can feel the Swedish squareness coming crawling closer.. Good thing is I still have four crazy italians at home!

Aren´t these little playhouses in Pildamsparken adorable?

I love friday afternoons, no stress with homework and early bedtimes so today we walked across the park on our way home and it was such a joy to see all the trees and bushes in bloom, really amazing. I can’t recall ever having these kind of spring feelings, maybe it the age;)

I´m planning something fun for the kids in the new garden, the boys had the nicest treehouse up in a palm in Rome. Found these cricket adorable playhouses from Bushus, I think the kids would love one of these!!

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Building dust and flowers

2012-05-04 — Renovering

Today I had a stomachache driving to the house, it just seems like it´s  never going to be ready…  We are still tearing down and I can’t wait to actually start to rebuild and fix my old lady up! Today we had a 15 m long iron beam put in through the outside wall and in to the house!!

Bonus when you buy a old house is that the garden has beautiful old fruit trees and bushes. Right now my Magnolia and Cherry tree is in full bloom! It actually looks nice with flowers and building mess!

Now off for a quick lunch than I have a big and serious meeting with the plummer!

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Super charge me

2012-05-03 — Mitt liv

It´s spring, soon summer the nature is exploding and i´m feeling more tired than ever… I want to feel strong and full of energy so this is it!!

Next week i´m staring my new life and food habits with a “Super charge you” week. 6 days of special made raw meals, probiotic and supergreens prepared at raw food house in combination with Bikram Yoga!!

I just came back from the information meeting with a big bag full of boosters so now it´s no turning back. Good bye pasta, cereals and cheese… hello healthy life!!!

My mum gave me this super inspiering book  by Danish Vibeke Amdisen for my birthday.

“Pigg och glad med Raw Food” finally a Raw food book with inspiring and beautiful pictures and there is a whole chapter about how to get the little ones interested of the food! If you have a hard time to find all the ingredients find some useful Raw links here!

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My Copenhagen weekend

2012-05-03 — Mitt liv

We stayed at Hotel Ibsen, a great boutique hotel close to Norreport, nice retro feel with a modern touch. Love the red hotel sign!

We had a long day shopping, walking around  in the city, having picknick  and strolling in one of my favourite quarters around Østerport. Love the small charming townhouses!

High up on my list is a Classic vintage bike from Velorbis with a wooden box, more Cphg style than this it can hardly get;) And did you know that denmark is the happiest nation in the world, statistically? I bet it’s all that biking, blood pumping and so on.

Two of my absolute kid favourites around Österbro is the cute shop Sostjernen and the pastelfeast at Norrmann. Check out 7 year old Luis letter in FROM, cute!!

Some places not to miss while in Österport.

Moshi Moshi boutique with womens clothes and shoes.

Norrmann Design heaven

LêLê street kitchen for tasty picknick lunch to bring to the park

Rambow, nice objects and fun gifts

Nounmore woman clothing!!

Circus If you want a hairfix, coolest hair salon I have ever seen, alla anni 50!

I totally fell in love with Moss Copenhagen, nice jersey in beautiful gray and pastel tones, cute accessories and friendly and beautiful staff! I bought a pair of boots a sweatshirt and a really cool jumpsuit, will show you tomorrow….

If you won’t get a table at Noma, wich seems to be harder to get than a invite to Queen of Englands private dinner partys at Buckingham palace, head over to the Torvehallarna. 

Not a Supermarkert but a Super good Market;)

More shopping!! Walking from Norreport towards centre and Ströget there are a lot of really nice shops to look out for!!

Hay, Times up Vintage, Rue Vert, Raw 42, Casa Shop, Pico, Paludian book caffe, everything from juice, clothes, furnitures to fun!

Love Nue´s boutique…

The look of Nuê´s shop is to die for.. this is the way I want my kitchenisland to look like!!

For next Copenhagen tour these sneakers from Stella is a must!

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Copenhagen best in the world!

2012-05-01 — Mitt liv

Back from a super duper nice weekend in Copenhagen. Now i´m starting to realise how come Copenhagen is topping Monocle´s list of best city´s in the world!

I love Eco friendly Copenhagen for its cutting edge design, restaurants, great young vibe and nowhere else in the world you find so many beautiful bicycles!

Tomorrow i´ll be back with a some of my CPH favourites!!!

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3.650 days!!!

2012-04-30 — Mitt liv

Today we are celebrating our 3.650th day of marriage… 10 years ago on a beach in the Maldives we said YES I DO!!

We are off to Copenhagen for some romance!!!

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Wood Anemones and Great Grandmother

2012-04-30 — Mitt liv

What a day!!

Wood Anemones, Grandmothers red clogs, the woods to play in and the jummie salmon stew…..

Our Sunday could´t have been nicer, thank you!!!

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2012-04-29 — Mitt liv

Today me and my sister are packing in all our kids in the car, we are going for a looooong trip… all the way up to Göinge where I grew up;) We are on our way to visit my kids Great Grandmother! I love to come back to her old house, full of beautiful childhood memories…. it´s like time has been standing still!

Have a lovely Sunday everyone xxx

Picture via Pintrest

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Flea-market garbage and treasures!

2012-04-28 — Mitt liv

Print from Kal Barteski

300 crowns for this Schaub-Lorenz banjo 58, record player with radio and it´s working!!!

Found some iron windows for my future shower!

25 lovely green glass bottles!

I´m going back next week to pick up a 2 meter long industrial iron washbasin for the kids bathroom.

A whole lot of trash but I always find something interesting in the big mess in Trelleborgs byggagnat!

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