Do It Yourself

2012-04-13 — Mitt liv

I just love the term DIY= Do it yourself its used to describe building, modifying, or repairing of something without the aid of experts or professionals. Have a look at these ideas!!

Go through the kids old dolls and animal collections and make a sacrifice

 Cuter kids hangers you can´t get, found them at the great blog Ellens album

We have about 40 unpacked moving boxes with old books, great idea from toss turn!

Add some pastels and colour to your old sofa and beds. Paint yourself or get some ready on Pretty pegs

When I visited Merci in Paris the other week it was all about hangers!!

Found these fun ones on Pinterest

Nice and neat in the hallway, love the colours from interior guiden

Want my floor just like this one, the painted squares on the old wood! Maybe I will need some help with this one;)

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DIY with newspaper

2012-04-12 — Mitt liv

Found this brilliant idea of making your own pots out of newspapers
and I can warmly recommend it! Apart from being a cheap, inexpensive and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional pots they are biodegradable so you can plant the whole thing when it’s time to install them in the garden and don’t have to interrupt the roots of your sensitive seedlings. The lovely pics are taken by Maria Emb and you’ll find a step by step video that shows you how to make your own paper pots here! And if you want to make them perfect get a “pot maker” from Hemlängtaneasy peasy!

I even made som pots for my kitchen herbs, thought it would give a nice spring feel but now on the photos it looks rather like Christmas!!

And It just came out a lovely book, Gatsmart odlimg for all of you that want to jump on the green trend!

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2012-04-12 — Mitt liv

Today it feels like spring is in the air… at least  a little bit… after the snow last weekend i kind of lost It,

but now it can’t be long, please hurry up Spring!!!

 Waiting for my Cherry, Apple and Magnolia tree to bloom!

via baby ramen

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Project bathroom

2012-04-12 — Renovering

So now I´m back home again and it´s time to seriously concentrate on the renovation.

My plummer is on me every day;

Have you chosen the bathroom elements yet, I need the technical sketches?!

 This is the part I normally love about renovation, to choose, order and match everything together. But this time I have 4 bathrooms and one guest toilette to decide… in one week…. HELP!

Took a tour this afternoon to all the big shops, so boring and square, everything just looks the same.

Anyhow here comes some of my inspiration.

All pics via Pintrest

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A fast one from Rome

2012-04-10 — Mitt liv

It´s a love hate thing to be back in Rome again for the first time since our move to Sweden. It starts on the airport with the taxi drivers that tries to rip you off, those stinky airport toilets, smog and the traffic to get in to the centre… But then it got better and better with lunch under the sun at Piazza de Ricci with a nice plate or Spaghetti alle Vongole, wine, long walks, aperitif with friends at Salotto42, more wine, and to finish off in style, dinner at our favourite La Rosetta. Me and Damiano looked at each other and I knew that he was thinking the same ting I was….. what have we done, moving from this lovely place???!! Isn’t it strange that you have to leave something to really start to miss and appreciate it?! I think there is no perfect place to live, you kind of have to create your own happiness and anyhow Rome is just 2 and a half hours flight away.

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I feel grateful

2012-04-08 — Mitt liv

What a lovely long weekend! Yesterday while it was snowing and cold we had a great time at Malmö konsthall where they organise art craft for kids, an amazing space for small exited hands full of creativity! The kids loved it, for sure we will go back again soon.

Today we had a nice easter lunch with egghunt and games in the garden, you could actually feel that spring is on its way today with all the birdsong and spring flowers starting to come up!

Can´t wait to get into my new mintgreen Acne shorts and some summer sandals!!

Tomorrow I’m off to Rome… More spring for me!!!!

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Easter mood

2012-04-07 — Mitt liv

Happy Easter!!!!!

Found this photo on one of my favourite blogg Lotta Agaton, what a great energy!!

This morning we woke up and it was snowing!!!! 6 year old Tiago asked me if it´s normal that it snows in spring time and what could I say.. We live in Sweden now honey, and here it can snow all year around!!

But the snow didn’t stop the kids from running out in the garden on egghunt in only pyjamas!!

Today we have been painting decorating and even if I’m not really in to easter decorations I found these photos on the blog It´s a House, super easy egg and easter decorations you can get from downloading Dingbat. Attach it to the wall with some washitape from teip shop.
Simple as it can be – nothing more advanced than a free dingbat called Birds of a feather, printer, scissors and glue.

If you want to give away something more than just a chocolate egg,

give away a chicken from Action Aid 

Organising a easter lunch for tomorrow, i´ll try to make something from Le parfait,

dosen´t this lemon meringue pie look super?!

Happy Easter everyone!!!!

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Every little girls dream

2012-04-06 — Mitt liv

A must have in every little girls spring closet!

 Love the classic button and the  summer colours : grenadine, orange vitamin and money!

Start-Rite made for Bonton Summer 2012 collection

From size 17 to 30, too bad i´m a 39… 
Available in the shops from Tuesday, April 10

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Happy Easter

2012-04-05 — Mitt liv

This is my inspiration for tomorrow´s easter breakfast, super cute and easy to fix!

Found this photo on My little Paris.

Love the violet rabbit with the red-beet stain!

All you need is:


Black sesame seeds



Red-beet (for marinating)

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