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Let the fun begin…


Finally we are there, the most fun part of the renovation is getting closer… COLOURS!! Studying colours for walls, for floors, of roof and colours of windows, the “post card scales” from Nordsjö are great! Love the views from up here… Need to get the exact gray colour for the roof ridge and I think I found it;)

The house is in safe hands…


Make space, here comes the experts! Now when most big stuff are done in the house I need some real professionals to give the last touch.. Scraping all the windows…. Get the exact measurements…. A whole lot of materials to build together, great place for two small arcitects… Thanks you Katarina for the great Fristad […]

Some changes…


The house that never seems to get ready…. Me and Damiano sat up the other night, shared a bottle of good red wine and started to bubble about the house.. And a lot of new ideas came up! The hardest thing was to present the changes to my father the morning after.. When I said […]

Need some work space!


The “to do list” is getting longer, so much to do with the renovation… getting crazy!! Right now this is the way my dusty office looks like.. Planning my new office space and here comes some I like… If I only had a nice little space like one of these…. I´m sure I would get […]

Oh shit..


The weekend was super with lots of fun… two birthday parties, football, sea, hanging in the garden with beautiful summer weather…. can’t complain!! Tomorrow I have a meeting with my plummer, after a lot of reaserch for nice taps and valves i´m getting crazy!! Once I find some that I like my plummer tells me that they […]

We´re back!


Were back and loaded with new energy and ideas!!! We got our dose of wonderful south Italy and Puglia. Now I know what I want to do when I am 50, buy a Masseria or a little Trullo down there and open a small b&b… What a dream!!! But now lets get our house here […]

Some french inspiration!


A lot of decisions right now… Like where you want your light, water, window, garden, life and so on! Sitting a lot pinning on Pinterest to get kitchen inspirations and I had a look at my photos from last trip to Paris that I would like to share with you! Highest on my list when in […]

my life in the building mess.


Yeah, right!! My life right now is covered in 2 centimetre of cementdust..  Looking for solutions, doors, wood, cement, windows, lamps and other interesting screws and handles;) What could be better than Rawfood lunch in a box in company with Metro bostad, how glamourous can it get;) Off to pick up the little ones!

Lost in Skåneland!


Driving and driving… everything looks the same, raps fields, red wooden houses and some cows…. Me and Damiano were lost this afternoon on the roads in Skåne!!  We were on our way to Slogstorp, a place so small that it didn´t even exist on the GPS! But then after an hours drive we finally arrived to […]

Old bitch!


 When we bought our house last summer we could´t understand why nobody else were interested in getting it… now I understand why, a never ending project!! *Roof leaking *Needs some new windows and doors *All pipes are rusty and needs to be changed *Drainage around the house and basement *New electricity *New plumbing and water *Take […]