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Building dust and flowers


Today I had a stomachache driving to the house, it just seems like it´s  never going to be ready…  We are still tearing down and I can’t wait to actually start to rebuild and fix my old lady up! Today we had a 15 m long iron beam put in through the outside wall and in […]

Project bathroom


So now I´m back home again and it´s time to seriously concentrate on the renovation. My plummer is on me every day; Have you chosen the bathroom elements yet, I need the technical sketches?!  This is the part I normally love about renovation, to choose, order and match everything together. But this time I have […]

Treasure hunt


Went for a treasure hunt i the house today… I´m all into upcycling!!! Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value 😉 Look at all the nice things i found!  more leaded windows During the digging around the house […]

Steam it down!


Continues to steam down all old wallpaper, beautiful oil paintings under… I´m in heaven!!! love the irregular things, the broken lines, the staggered tastes… just because imperfection is true… don’t like the smooth, the regular… so boring.  The thing is it takes forever, 4 hours work and I think we got down max 2 m2…. Only […]

Almost ready?


This August me and my family started to look for a house in Malmo. We were seriously interested in two houses, one top renovated villa from 1920 and one from 1909 in desperately need of renovation. And since just packing up all our belongings and change life with three small kids isn’t hard enough, we […]


Agartha Kitchen

Äntligen kan jag visa några bilder från ett inredningsprojekt jag jobbat med i vår och sommar. Det är Agartha Kitchen som öppnat en ny lokal på Arildsgatan i Malmö. Jag fick fria händer att renovera och inreda lokalen som kommer att vara öppen som lunchrestaurang men även användas för kurser, caterings och interna utbildningar. Den […]