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Small talk

Ni har väl inte missat det super härliga online magasinet The way we play, massor av inspiration för både mamma och barn. Sen gillar jag väldigt mycket deras rubrk “Small talk” och nu kan ni få ett litet small talk med mig, kika in här! Linda Alvergren som tagit fotona är underbar, vi märke knappt […]


Att fylla 9 år

Tänk att det var 9 år sedan vattnet gick och klockan visade 00.00, jag och Damiano trodde inte det var sant! Vi skyndade och packade lilla bb-väskan och körde snabbt in till sjukhuset. Sju timmar senare kom han, vår första son. Han den lille tjocke bebisen med ludna kinder och väldens mjukaste öronsnibbar är nu […]

Better late than never…


    The 17th of December my third child turns three years old, crazy, it feels like yesterday…. I have so many beautiful pictures taken with the kids and my first boy have two beautiful albums with 100 of pictures and all the information you can imagine!! When he ate, how much and what he […]

Let them eat cake!!


  This is how Birdie went to preschool today…The dress we got here!   Halloween is coming, Halloween is coming……  

Medveten mini


  Ooooooh, lucky birdie….. A whole bag full of soft pastels from our absolute favorite webshop!!   This thing of buying clothes for the kids is so much fun, but the more you read and inform yourself about how the clothes and fabrics are produced make the whole thing a bit tricky. I want clothes […]

All for children 2013


  Who loves Halloween? We do!!!!! As Halloween approaches, H&M is launching a super cute collection to bring in your kids into the fantasy world of an 18th century masquerade ball. The 10 of October i will sit put and order online because I´m sure it will all be gone in a second, like last […]

Hej hopp!


  The pink converse and the leo spring jacket is on! The princess dresses and sandals packed down, we are going to where the spring is almost summer….. Rome here we come!!!!! 

Kids style


  Starting to get set in my own home now and since I love renovation so much I´m now taking on a new project… Helping others!! So now I have three kids rooms that need a big make over…  fun solutions, colors, wallpaper and of course a lot of storage!! Its something special about decorating […]

Some fluff


   A powdery girl dream of pastels and fluffy pompons…. Me and Cleo took a tour to Pandur och hobby and this is the result…. It was a happy girl that went to sleep in her own bed surrounded of lanterns and fluffiness…. Even the boys could imagine to have a little sleepover in Birdies […]

How to kiss a Frog


  It arrived a beautiful bag…. Stuffed with beautiful spring news… Too these two beauties… Thank you so much!!!!