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He got it all!!


Milo turned 5 today and we celebrated him with a garden party just like he wanted and I think it was the warmest and most sunniest day this year;) Under the apple tree we had a little goodie table with some nice and fresh raw pannacotta a la Linda from Raw food house, jummie homemade […]

Party coming up!


  Tomorrow we have a little man turning 5 in our house! So today we have been fixing the whole day… Gifts needs to be wrapped, balloons blown up, snacks to be prepared, just took out the last cupcakes from the owen and they are perfect, thanks to Laila! I even got the super cute birthdaykit […]

Bake with style!


I just got the bible of sweets, Hello Cupcake!  and since I promised the boys some goodies for their school picnic I decided to make some stylish cupcakes a la Laila! I really tried to bake in style, just like Laila… no mess, let the kids help and only happy faces;) We made a pretty good work […]

The perfect packed bag!


The ticket is booked for Rome and Puglia so Im starting to organise the kids summer wardrobes! Went through all three closets sorting out whats too small, too itchy and too broken. I love when the shelfs are getting empty because then I don´t have to feel bad going shopping… they actually do need some […]

Fashion Animal


Today I had a nice day in town together with my mini fashionanimal! I just could´t resist when i saw this little fur from Mini Rodini, and you should of seen the face  of Cleo when she opened the bag; -Bau bau ja!!!!! Meaning; Dog jacket;) More fashion! I peeked in at my favourite stylist Mia […]



Sitting looking at my kids having gymnastic at The little gym, what a great place!! It came to me sitting here peeking at all the children how stylish Swedish kids are… or how dedicated shoppers their parents are! Another thing is that there are so many cool scandinavian kid brands with ok prices! Here comes […]

Style me up mum!


At the 800 m2 concept store bonton you can find all the products from the Bonton universe: furnitures, clothes, shoes, nusery accessories, and toys all adorable and in beautiful design. And there is the cutest little hair salon for kids under the same roof…. style me up mum!!!! These lovely hair shots i found on the fantastic […]